Thrillist List of Must Visit 2017 Denver Small Businesses includes Silvana Mondo Gallery

Thank you Thrillist and writer Molly Martin for mentioning Silvana Mondo Gallery in this article about Denver’s up and coming small businesses. We thrive and survive on local support.  🙏

Silvana Mondo Gallery
At this eclectic gallery, you can get some answers to life’s tough questions along with a dose of […]

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Some pieces I have been working on that you can find on my Pinterest for now until I get the new website up


… with Rose, my dear friend from Italy on her visit to Denver

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Pining for Class

Had a lovely time with the Queen at the YSL Retrospective at the Denver Art MuseumDAMToday is her birthday and I surprised her with tickets to the museum. We thought the retrospective was wonderfully curated and so I guess I’m going to have to stop telling people that Denver […]

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A Gift in Two

At Pirate art gallery yesterday to see Brian Comber’s new work on exhibit. Mythological animals, gold orbs, wings and black lines. Also – this  Lovely as ever.Ongoing talks between he and M. duPays have resulted in these very precious, rooted and sunny poetry/drawing/painting collaborations. These touched me deeply my […]

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Pot de Crème & Rosé

At Z Cuisine with the almost teens for a bit of dessert. Pot de crème for them & Rosé for me. Great mother daughter bonding during Spring break. & you know I had to stop at the ‘Big Picture’ wall and take some quick pics.The light is so weird […]

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Do You Facebook?

 Sharing my February article from my monthly column at the Denver News”In December, The Denver News set up a Facebook Page and Twitter account to interact more readily with Denver area readers who are already active in Social Media. I thought it would be fun and […]

Keep Your Food Money Local

This is my article for the November Go Green! column I write every month in The Denver News, a local newspaper.Keep Your Food Money LocalSilvana Vukadin-HoittAlthough I am a contributing writer to The Denver News, I also work as an advocate of sustainable urban agriculture through a local […]

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