A Ticket for an Airplane…Traveling with Anima

Living in the United States, Miss A and I usually travel by plane, mainly because the distances are so great. Plane travel, when airfares are within our budget, becomes the most cost and time efficient method of transportation. There are people that love to travel by car and take […]

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Aida Sehovic – Sto Te Nema

from Flux Factory 

“In Bosnian tradition, life stops and starts around coffee. The warm drink is shared among close family and friends inside the home at least once a day.”
Aida Sehovic stages her art, a work of awareness and remembrance  in Burlington, VT –
It is called ‘Sto Te Nema’ – […]

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Gorgeous Primps Herself

 This is a copy of a gorgeous painting by Gustave Moreau via the extremely interesting and informative blog by a woman named BWS. The blog,  It’s About Time has every post filled with luscious pictures, lots of details and well researched information on America, Art, Painting, Women. To describe […]

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Food Communion at expat+Harem

My guest post featured today at the  expat+HAREM website. My heartfelt thank you to Anastasia Ashman for giving me the space and time to explore my thoughts and share them with an audience that I both relate to and admire. 

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