The catastrophic flooding in Bosnia and Serbia is finally getting attention in the news.  Between the Red Cross, hundreds of courageous homeland volunteers and disaster relief professionals streaming in from all parts of the world Bosnia and Serbia seem to be getting the help they need, though there is as always a question of who gets EU funds and why.  In Bosnia  without much tangible infrastructure in place it sounds like the army was mobilized to contribute with search and rescue. Across the lines, Twitter and FB were full of photo’s of people (read: Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs) helping each other independent of personal differences. So it should be.  Differences become ridiculous in calamity, the Balkans are no exception

What worries me is the aftermath.

The flood destruction is taking place in hyper fast real time.


What happens when the waters subside, and the reality of the mud is all that remains. How will the ordinary person’s mind deal with the thousands of pounds of debris, of garbage, with the 22 years of neglect and lies  once again spit out from the ground and blatent in front of their eyes.

How will the decent man and woman, already suffering from a collective broken  heart, find the courage to pull it together, to clean up the shards of a disaster that is ever more deep than the current water level.

What will happen when the Mother, revealing her disease, gives up to the light – finally – the truth from the vulvar Bosnian earth for all to see.

kladanj 1

With the water moving everything in it’s path,  the probability that live mines,  many previously identified with warning signs, but not all –  have moved around and now linger in secret hiding places –  an immediate and indiscriminate danger.

And.  What of the thousands of bodies – not yet found, the ones denied existence by criminals currently on trail in the Hague.  Will they not be as unsettled in these days of deluge and wrath as the mines and just as dangerous to the deniers?

We all know that there are haunted graves all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. What when the graves come undone and the truth peeks through the mud and the shit….

and the bodies start floating down the proverbial river for all to see?

{photographs via @radiosarajevo}