Silvana Mondo

Writer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Oracle. Pomegranate eater

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I curate stories about culture, food, politics, ideas & people that reveal what I believe is important.  A nomadic early life gave me a global education which was inspired by sojourns in Europe, Asia. America and a rather glamorous mother as a role model.  I absorbed all manner of lifestyles & perspectives which in turn influences what I write and spices up my blog & twitter posts. I have used my multi cultural experiences as a creative guideline in my life and business ventures, which have included a successful boutique & healing spa in Colorado, a true Italian bakery/cafe in Florida and numerous culture related installations including a gallery presentation of my photography, ‘Beyond Sarajevo’. I am fluent in four languages and  have interpreted in various capacities my whole life, both  in the private as well as public sector. In more personal work I go back to my Slavic roots with recipes and herbal remedies handed down to me by my Bosnian grandmother to tell stories that piece together history, relevant anecdotes about current themes relating to regional cuisine, cultural anthropology, identity and place which are published in newspapers locally and international online forums like expat+Harem and Global Niche.

Working 15+ years alternately with refugees, elders, women, advocates &  pro-food initiatives in America and abroad I have brought my quest for authenticity to each endeavor without sacrificing a certain type of savvy, insight, style.

Plans for 2012 are:

A compilation of essays on the cuisine of my hybrid Balkan heritage,

Guide to small group immersion tours to Italy & SE Europe,

Launch of informative short videos that give relevant & unique cultural/culinary tips for travelers,

 “Travels with Anima”, an interactive travel blog about life in Italy with my pre teen daughter, written in conjunction with a group of international women travelers.


I independently support  and partner with women entrepreneurs working to sustain biodiversity in Central Bosnia. I adore documentaries, researching heritage plants & animals and am often found drinking Turkish coffee in good company. (100Fildzana.com).