I bake these for the Thanksgiving holidays.. The Pumpkin Ricotta and the Cranberry Orange Pies are from recipes that I used at La Dolce Vita Bakery, when we owned that spot down in Florida in the 90’s. Tried and true. Pasta Frolla crust.  Usually I kind of skim over a few Italian desert blog posts that I find on the internet if I forget my own recipe (the doddling that comes with fear of imperfection).
I go to Saveur or some similar reputable magazine to get an idea of how to proceed with an appropriate filling for the occasion (seasonal, holiday, gift). A lot of intuition goes into my baking and cooking and I know a lot of people that bake and cook will cringe. But no one ever left my table muttering under their breath so….
The third pie with Pear & Almond was delightful. It was my first attempt at the Victory Pie recipe which I found through Twitter from someone who follows Anger Burger and here is the recipe . I can tell you it was an absolute hit and fantastically delicious. Follow exactly as stated.