Saturday morning sounds in America: dogs barking, cartoons in back round, keyboard tapping, upstairs the vacuum cleaner churning. I am in the kitchen in between clearing out the fridge and making up recipes with vegetables that need to be cooked before they spoil and at the same time configuring the outline for the next project at work.. The kids observe me to see if there is a chance of a ‘real’ breakfast or if they should just pinch some donuts from the counter – stale but with gooey icing that could satisfy a craving.

Breakfast? Yes, I can make it up in a few minutes and it will take me away from doing the ‘other’ work.

As I begin to put things together I am thinking how much I love to cook for my family and how satisfying it is to create love in the kitchen. Words are not always needed to communicate – the intent is in the end result.

                                                                            I bring this… 

Uova al Prociutto Crudo

to them for today- they get to eat downstairs (eating while lounging) instead of having them come to the kitchen table.

My son makes a big smile and shakes his head. ‘What?’ I ask immodestly , ‘are you smiling because I’m such a wonderful mom’? And he nods ‘yes’ and smiles again.

Well, I wonder, where should you get this kind of adoration when you are a child, if not from the hands of the ones that care for you. From those who are supposed to give you the roots and the  wings to become that what you must become?
Making and cooking food can seem insignificant to some – but for me it is a cornerstone of teaching what I have learned in life: passion, kindness, patience (ha!), aesthetics, design, communication, adventure and so much more…

Saturdays are for dreaming and moving along the path. One way I connect with and teach my children is to take the time to love them up in my kitchen.

Are there ways you express your appreciation for friends and family without words? Share some of your ideas here at SMondo…