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Why schedule a Turkish Coffee Cup Reading?

It begins with you. Your story….

Each of us has a unique story that guides how we interact with the world. By exploring this story through a reading with me, the intricate threads that weave together the path you are on appear in high definition and ask for attention. Interpreting the symbols in coffee grounds or tea leaves is an age old ritual useful as both analysis and divination. We will use it to gain insight into what is important for you at this moment in your life. Often, this leads to answers about what’s in store for the future!  In a harmonious atmosphere, you participate in this simple but elegant ritual of drinking delicious Turkish coffee after which a reading and interpretation of the ‘pictures’ left in your cup is delivered.  Engaging in this alternative approach to understanding your special path is deep and connecting.  You will benefit from the information  revealed in the meaningful  symbols that materialize in your cup. Our subconscious mind bring up all manner of clues or psychic imprints regarding desires and hidden tasks that are asking for recognition and very importantly, action. With your permission, my guides illuminate your unique and personal situation for me so that I am able to relay them in a clear manner to you during the session.

I look forward to our special time.

As an alternative, a tea leaf reading or card reading can be included and arranged on scheduling.

Consultations are with Silvana.

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Premium Reading – An intuitive appraisal, with in depth translation, focusing on deeper issues: Family, Love, Health, Self Realization, Karmic cycles

*60 minutes $90

Bookings of 5 or more persons are at a 10% discounted rate,with travel arrangements subject to fee.  To schedule an appointment now, contact via email  One on one private & confidential sessions are conducted at the Zen Room inside 29 Degrees Dojo, located at 5515 West 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge (Denver Highlands).

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V. Rogozina – “Silvana’s intuitive readings are SPOT ON! She was tapping into past, present and future and masterfully guided me through the events in my life, empowering me with the insights of my life circumstances and people involved. I was left in awe and wonder: how on earth a cup of coffee could contain all this information?! It is a bit like magic, but it’s very real; Silvana makes it real and down to earth. I highly recommend a reading from Silvana, she is a wonderful intuitive guide  – gifted with the ability to bring You closer to Yourself.”  Vija Rogozina, meditation instructor, author, artist www.vijarogozina.com

Elizabeth C: “Silvana, those ‘ah ha’ moments when your prediction comes true are amazing. Thank you.”

Irina M. “I was greatly satisfied with the coffee reading. I had numerous coffee readings before, but this one was very special. Silvana, told me everything what I was concerned about at the time of the reading and everything turned the way I was told, without me thinking about it.  I would recommend Silvana to all my friends and will use her skills again, in the very near future.”

  O. Hopper  “I met Silvana at a monthly gathering of friends.  Each month we have an interesting speaker, usually alternative subjects like healing methods, insight or something spiritual leaning. She was there to read our cups and we have called her back often.  Each time she would look at my cup and say things that were already happening in my life (how she can do that only heaven knows!). There were some things that didn’t make sense at that time… until after the fact! Those were precise predictions that were interpreted so intelligently and clearly to me, making sense what events to connect them with. When I needed guidance, Silvana’s readings helped open my eyes and get a clearer picture of the things I needed to think about.  I would highly recommend Silvana and her coffee reading to everyone.”
 Karen Noel Frolich –  Silvana is so right on target with everything she saw in my cup. It’s cool, she saw parts of my past that were directly connected to issues in my present. She explained to me how the past is affecting me.  During the reading she gave me several possible options or choices to make now (at the cross-roads) and she explained how each choice would have a completely different outcome. Every choice could drastically change my life. After the reading, I was able to clarify & better understand what I really wanted right now in my life.  I had choices to make and based on my chosen goals, Silvana’s reading gave me a snap shot of things that I absolutely needed to know to make fast, informed, and confident choices.
Silvana, thanks for lighting up my life!