Had a lovely time with the Queen at the YSL Retrospective at the Denver Art Museum


Today is her birthday and I surprised her with tickets to the museum. We thought the retrospective was wonderfully curated and so I guess I’m going to have to stop telling people that Denver is and always was a ‘cow town’.

Watching excerpts of the two part documentary in one of the smaller annexes I was really touched by Pierre Berge’s description of YSL, the artist and  genius. The weight of being ‘the other’ can inspire so much creativity and yet the demons associated with it move so deeply.

A few weeks ago going through the storage closets I rediscovered a couple of vintage YSL Rive Gauche pieces that I acquired, obviously years ago.  This was during the ‘Dusseldorf weekends’  hanging out with the unflappable Mr. Van Fisher and his ancient girlfriend. I think that I wore the Gypsy blouse for my first occasion at the über chic L’Orangerie.

The black blouse was a little more tricky, because of the à pois detail for one but also because it is black silk. Sheer silk chiffon. Not to be worn with a shift or anything else underneath, as per YSL rules. Which, we naturellement, followed to the letter.