Artist Gemma Bayly is very Mandala. Which is to say that she is mysterious but transparent and complex while radiantly clear. Listening to her talk about why she makes art, or explain her intense love of life and what she likes about being  part of the current dynamic Denver art community is inspiring! Her work, jewel like when on paper or behind glass, becomes doubly mesmerizing when applied to building walls and larger scale projects; commissions that can be seen locally at City O’City and Crema Coffee House.  There are other projects planned at an  international level. Big projects. Her Mandalas, a Buddhist symbol that represents the Universe and made up of geometric patterns and lines,  are intricately hand drawn pieces. As ‘Sacred Geometry’ , the designs are used as a spiritual guidance tool. Gemma draws them to bring love and healing, and also balance to those who view her visually stunning pieces. She works with like minded women worldwide who collectively support each other in their vision. As a certified Reiki practitioner she has a private practice and because that is not all, she also makes energy charged healing stones and jewelry, as magically infused as her Mandalas.

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