Traveling with Anima

After our rainy London sojourn we traveled for one day to Pisa,  to see the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli that includes the famous Leaning Tower – obviously a must on the travel itinerary….

Ani was initially interested in climbing up the Tower.  There were hoards of other kids, who seemed to be on school Field Trips and were heading towards the Tower too. When we got there the line was frighteningly long so we decided to take a few pictures and go on a walk through the Cathedral instead.

On the lawn

Looking at Souvenirs

We found a guy who made special name bracelets our of colored wire

Inside the Cathedral, which was dark and filled with relics Ani’s favorite sculptures were the bronze Angels on either side of the main Altar. Just so happened that an amazing light came through one of the high stained glass windows at one point so we got some pretty surreal looking pics to show.

Madonna & Child 2x

In all the first time here was a little blinding, I think we weren’t expecting so many people to be here, as we got here quite early and we didn’t get the idea of the procedure right away and wasted a bit of time just walking around and ‘doing our own thing’. I guess we were not in the tourist mode quite yet, maybe we were still thawing from the London weather. It is definitely a place where we will come again and visit in more detail, but for today it was enough. We had a nice panino in one of the little bars and then had to head out to the train station to catch our train to Bagno Vignoni. That’s another post altogether.