One of the things that I have learned to do in my lifetime is read the symbols and pictures that appear at the bottom of little white cups that are used for drinking Turkish coffee . It is a form of entertainment popular in the Balkans and also all over the Middle East, Turkey, Armenia and Greece, which I became familiar with through my Bosnian heritage.   Aside from entertainment, individuals that are gifted in the interpretation of symbols are often sought out alternatively for counseling on life subjects. Reading Turkish coffee dregs is similar to interpreting the shapes of any liquid –  tea for instance is most popular in the West –  and in ancient times, it might have been wine, molten wax or oil in water.

As I consciously list the steps in the process, the act of preparing and drinking Turkish coffee just on it’s own is most certainly a beautiful ritual, performed over and again in every household at least in the Balkans, on a daily basis. It reflects back to ancient rituals that appear in some form in all cultures as a connecting point for community, an invitation to share the sacred, share conversation and even play. From the very beginning of how the coffee is hand milled, the water is boiled in a special pot and added into the dzezva with finely ground coffee, boiled again – sometimes several times – to be then served with certain platters and certain cups, makes this practice distinctive and connective since it is usually done at a table with others around it.  Adherence to this 500 year old practice will be similar with some variation to each reader just as it is to the individual lady of the house, shop keep or coffee house waiter. It is a theatrical performance of sorts. The ritual steps are the framework and in that, things can quickly become dramatic – with tears, fears or laughter spontaneously spilling out into the open, when a tender nerve or a delicate truth is activated.  This is one of the aspects that I love most about reading for others and I feel that often, it can be transformative for both reader and inquirer.

The first glance into the vessel sets an overall impression or mood of what intuitively needs recognition immediately.  It’s at this time that  the energy flows quickly around the messages received/perceived. Even if none of it makes sense initially, the information is flying at light speed, filling in holes, bringing up pictures and conversations, – whole lives in an instant sometimes – bubbling up for selection or rejection.

It feels like being ‘plugged in’.

In order to get the most relevant reading it is imperative to suspend personal experience, at least momentarily and let the energy guide the data. It s not always easy. Sometimes doubt steals in, the famous monkey mind – and the interlinking gets thrown off . It is important to weave the pictures without forcing an outcome and look at the whole once the speed of impressions wane.


The breath slows, words form and soon, the pictures start telling their story. The beginning is often like a thunderbolt of confirmation. Other times, information from the seeker is welcome.  A thread develops and the inquirer and I can start conversation. This is usually very helpful and brings deeper insight. It is interesting that some people test the authenticity of the ritual by withholding information, which can create a hesitant atmosphere and should be avoided. It is similar to going to the doctor but not explaining what ails you and it wastes precious time. The objective is to open up the heart and the mind to the treasure, the messages in the cup. In the left over grounds are gifts from your all knowing self. The inquirer is essentially speaking to themselves, speaking to their higher selves. The subconscious offers up insight into essential life situations and wants to help integrate or facilitate a solution. These are conveyed through the symbols that appear. A gifted reader will interpret those messages with compassion and offer possible outcomes. As conversation and interpretation develop, both seeker and guide are on an exceptional plane, speaking the same language of symbols and equations, not as in ordinary life with ordinary words, but quickly understanding complex situations and outcomes with acumen. The sharing of information in this way can be healing, most certainly productive and even therapeutic.