Yesterday morning while I was supposed to be cleaning the house before the New Year, I just happened to be on Twitter, because that is where I always am when I’m supposed to be doing something else and found my way to Mrs Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen blog where I discovered a cool project #432 for the New Year named CharcutePalooza. I’d like you to go to her blog, where the whole set up and idea is spelled out in detail, no need to repeat here.
The brilliant thing is that as the first ‘project’ Mrs Wheelbarrow & crew have chosen to make Duck Prosciutto. I love duck but know nothing about curing meat. Instantly, instead of being intimidated, I started imaging how to fit time, money & photo blogging about the project into my schedule.

In the afternoon, I rang up my friend A to check in for a

NYE party and she told me that her husband had gone hunting. What pray tell was he hunting for?

 She didn’t know but after I told her about my new adventure told me to call him up and ask him to bring back some

Seemed unlikely, but you know what??? He texted back immediately and said, I’ve got two with your name on it if you share the Duck Prosciutto when you are done.

Ha. I call this Kismet. I was meant to make Duck Prosciutto even though everyone I have told so far thinks I am somehow out of my mind – I can’t quite say why…
So here is a picture of my fresh, organic, beautiful, local (kind of..Nebraska hunting grounds) ducky duck.

One boy one girl. I am a very happy new year person right now.