From Sharon Jeffries

The Ace of Spades is the card of the magician, and with this influence comes a tremendous power to manifest in the physical plane. The higher side of this card bears great spiritual wisdom, and having this birthday can create an internal tug of war between the desire for wisdom and the drive to succeed in worldly ways. The secret lies in finding a balance which embraces both, and in doing so you tap the unlimited possibilities that exist in every area of your life. Your nature is ambitious, forward moving and focused. You are very giving and loving, and at times very selfish; as an ace it’s your nature to be so. Learning to listen with total presence is of utmost importance for your truest success. You have incredible intelligence and can accomplish anything you set out to do gaining great reward and recognition, and you very well could have many careers in this one lifetime. You long for a perfect love more than anything else, and have a tendency toward high ideals when it comes to relationship; take care that this does not lead to disappointment. You are here to learn and embody the higher ideals of love, and that which you dream does come to you in time. Give of yourself in whatever ways you can, for it is through giving that you find your greatest happiness.