We have hardly been here a week and the countryside has bloomed like fireworks into green wheat stalks and yellow flowers. Every hill rolls underneath the blue sky at just the right angle. I have often heard and of course found myself saying that the light here in the Senese is a particular light and so it is.

It isn’t just the sky that has the light. Or the hills and leaves on trees. The people too and also the animals. There is Shep the Wonder Dog that I wrote about before and I am beginning to think he might be the main reason we came her. He is truly a prince and a light source for Anima, who has fallen for him in a hard way.

I have decided that everyone deserves to see Shep and his light and so I have put up a Daily Shep onto Tumblr where Ani has her Anima Trvls blog for pictures. Please click onto the link in a few days time and see the wonderful Shep collection …you’ll get a laugh at his wonderfullness and nod in agreement at his lightness of being.