Icons/Ik is mostly a series of photographs that I recaptured with my Blackberry phone camera which I have been using exclusively for most photos the past couple of years. Taking pictures of pictures reminds me of the measured distances, the artifice of ‘news’ that we are confronted with every minute of the day, living in a ‘civilized society’, everything a copy of a copy in the end. The lack of warmth or natural light to manipulate colors and skin tone reinforces the artifice of documenting lives fleeting by, moments glanced and devoured but only for an instant. On to the next news item. Mostly I am moved by the photographs of pictures that were taken after the Bosnian war either by journalists or by passers by, family members looking for their lost, aid workers drumming up help, dreamers and escape artists come for a shot in the arm –  sometimes unwittingly documenting the demise of culture, life, situations that are mostly banal but for the stress of war and refugee now become iconic, emblematic.