If you’ve ever fantasized about wandering down an endless, winding road of sweet-smelling flowers, there’s a farm in Michigan that  can help make your dreams come true.

There’s a giant, lavender labyrinth in Shelby, Michigan where Barbara Bull, owner of Cherry Point Farm started her magic garden in 2001. The labyrinth is now so big it can be seen on Google Earth.


A labyrinth is an ancient spiral pattern which, when walked, is thought to be a spiritual journey, and symbolic of one’s path in life. The one in Shelby takes about an hour to reach the center.

A meditative process for some, walking into the labyrinth is half the journey, the rest is finding your way out again. 

A cute Poetry Playpen at the labyrinth  👇

After the French lavender peaks in the springtime it continues to bloom throughout the summer and then when it dries up at the end of fall,


it’s collected and sold in bundles, soap & sundries at the farm stand.  


 Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is a continuous circuit and you can’t get lost. Have you ever walked in and out of one?