We all want to bring forth our best, whatever the endeavor or dream we have chosen. Expressing ourselves takes vision, ‘how to’ and then simply,  the courage to do it. 

I tell stories and take pictures about what I experience. With a monthly newspaper column, my own website, blog and lifestyle consulting projects, I keep busy. Since it’s impossible to be everywhere my heart would take me, like millions of others,  I rely on the internet, to reach across time and cultures.  In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to live without the net. It enriches life in immeasurable ways and yes, that even means Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social media I love. I engage professionally with peers and personally with friends and family at any time I want. It’s liberating and, it’s fun.

A few years ago, I was wondering whether I should follow the social media trend and engage or if it was just a silly waste of my time.  As it turns out, every prospective job I vied for and each assignment I landed brought with it an extra learning curve that involved a new program or social media that I had to learn to keep relevant.

There came a time when the decision to remain an internet dabbler or formulate a far reaching plan to gain a wider audience for my work became crucial.

Through a Twitter connection, I was chosen to participate in an international pilot program called GlobalNiche, co-created by Anastasia Ashman and Tara Agacayak, then living as expats in Istanbul. Teaching cutting edge skills utilized by entrepreneurs, artists, academics and professionals the two women built a strong presence in the online community. The pilot program was a success and from it came a powerful concept created to teach the nuts and bolts of how to strategically use social media and, measurably benefit from doing so.

Soon after I graduated the pilot, I was offered work I wanted, which validated what I learned in the course.  A dreamy consulting position opened up for me, plus I collaborated with international writers on a startup project.  My understanding of what was possible expanded tremendously.  A second workshop last year lead me be a facilitator for the workshops, combining my personal expertise and experience to guide the GlobalNiche curriculum. Progressive and intuitive, the coursework is an enriching experience that focuses on You in the digital age.  My experience guiding the course brought me here, sharing with my community.

If you have often thought about how you could grow your impact in your community, whether through a special project you are passionate about or an artist vision, blog, or website, to promote yourself and get the notice you want,  I highly recommend that you take the opportunity now.  As an incentive to create a wider community,  the program  is now offered free of charge (usually $748) with this coupon that I am sharing as my New Year gift to you, without a catch or hook.   Just do it.

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Happy New Year

Take it, share it with your peers, work it.  Inspiring and resilience forming, the program  will motivate you to start, continue or finish creating your dream.

Check back for more news to come in 2014 at www.silvanamondo.com or go to www.globalniche.net