Jardin Majorelle is a tranquil garden in Marrakech created by a Morocco-loving French painter, Jacques Majorelle, and rescued by another Frenchman –  fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent.Photo credit: visitmarakech.com  

Majorelle lived and worked in Marrakech as a painter and is most famous for creating the electric cobalt-blue color painted on the structures that are part of the estate. It is even patented as “Majorelle bleu.”

Photos: Snippy Hollow via Flickr

After Majorelle returned to Paris the famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent discovered the estate and fell in love.  By the late 1960’s, the dilapidated property was on the scraper’s list but YSL’s vision was to bring it back to it’s original glory. 

Here he is walking around the property.

Photo credit: www. sugarmeows.tumblr

Yves Saint Laurent and partner, Pierre Bergé restored the gardens and the houses surrounding it as a sort of bohemian fantasy. Everything centered on the grandiose idea of a gypsy jet-set lifestyle that the design team lived out in real life.  

With their money, famous models, artists and musicians who partied with them in Marrakech,  Yves St Laurent captured an end-of-an-era moment at the Jardin property that is still talked about today. 

Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent purchase Dar El-Hansh, the house of the snake, in Marrakesh’s medina. It is a return of sorts to North Africa for Yves Saint Laurent, who can stroll anonymously in the town’s markets.

Besides the brilliant blue, lemon-yellow and pumpkin-orange clay pots, a mint-green pavilion with white carved stucco trim and benches provide intense pops of color on a stroll past the may plants, ponds and fountains. The gardens are one of a kind visual luxury.

PPhoto: Wikipedia Commons

The gardens intrigue people from all over the world who visit the famous destination when traveling in Morocco and recently it was announced that an Yves Saint-Laurent Museum is expected to open in late 2017 in a cultural center near the garden in honor the design genius. 

The gardens have a very exotic vibe, what do you think of the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech?