The sea with its breadth, achieves its vast from rivers.
The mountain with its thickness, achieves its magnificence from years.
Several years of development, Guangtai takes dustbin manufacturing as a core, specialized in researching and developing various dustbins.


On the base of product quality, Guangtai with its advanced equipments, exquisite technology, strict testing system, becomes a professional dustbin manufacturer. Especially, the comprehensive quality management model, making product quality ensured by every step, everybody taking responsibility, guarantees the quality at the upstream of the production line.


Only the enterprise which is good at innovation is competitive in the market. Guangtai constantly use new idea, new model and new technology into practice to seek a new breakthrough. In the spirit of innovation, Guangtai enhances every process of production, selling and service, in order to satisfy customers'needs and pursue a win-win situation.

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