Easter lunch at the Queens’ house on the Lake.

Just the family, small and intimate – my Girl helped make the decorations and No.1 Son filled the empty eggshells with sponge cake to make little eggcakes.

We started off with an Antipasto plate: Prosciutto San Daniele, Mortadella and some Speck. There is always an element of Italian in all our holidays, either bread or sauce or antipasti, I like to be reminded of where we come from and where we can go back to, especially in the sensual experience of sharing food and memories.

Uncle brought some Argentinian rose  in the spirit of celebrating holiday and Spring at once.

Since I never think there is enough food for everyone, I couldn’t resist making just a little bit of ‘primo’ and so un asaggio di Gnocchi with creamy Pesto Sauce found it’s way to the table for an interim course.
I’m crazy for Lamb but we decided to keep it light this year and so I created an Asparagus feast instead…

with Parmiggiano and EVOO
and more Asparagus with Farm Fresh Eggs from Uncle’s next door neighbor The Guy with Chickens.
In between the cooking, serving, talking, laughing…I had myself a little dirty martini in this pretty glass that I received as a gift long ago 
…and for dessert we all ate homemade sponge cake with strawberries and almond laced whipped cream.
we drank strong coffee and peered into our cups

 Uncle revealed a spontaneous vision of me moving down to Santa Fe to tell fortunes from a  colorful caravan…which we all thought was pretty amusing, each in our own secret way…..

Soon it was over – a beautiful, rainy Easter Sunday came and went, intimate and unusual in it’s harmony and simplicity. Here’s to more of these kind of days.