I’ve been using my Blackberry phone camera exclusively now for 2 years and I have some pretty amazing photographs.  I don’t pretend to be a ‘professional photographer’- but I know a good photo..my little Blackberry really does a great job, is accurate, the lighting is phenomenal ( mostly I love the way  it makes me look ultra  fabulous, erasing hints of wrinkles and uneven planes on my face…) but of course, MORE importantly!!!  it gets a good shot right and the results are pretty detailed, in comparison what I see from friends’ IPhones or what  ever else there is out there.

With my other blogs, I always thought to create a ‘Photo a Day’ section, but being a Pisces I could never decide what the theme would be. Like you know, people have ‘365 Days of Food’ or ‘A Photo a Day of Kate & Sue @Yoga Practice’. For days now I am still undecided – so just now I thought I would go with gut instinct and post a photo everyday weekly of a pretty little ritual that I have been doing everyday for years anyway….taking pictures of
….pictures of Coffee Grounds! In the bottom of my cup! I know, huh!?
Sometimes your creativity is just staring you in the face, blending in with the scenery, begging to be recognized. And suddenly, you’re on it! (to be continued..)