More treasure in pictures. It’s interesting to see the very composed pictures

of the 1960’s and early 70’s in Germany and then Thailand and Usa

as compared to later in the decade when we moved to Italy

when people like Versace, Bowie and Sarah Moon were influencing fashion in Europe and well, everywhere.  Fashion, especially with the advent of ‘off the rack’ and pret a porter suddenly made it easier to have well made clothing and simultaneously be more glamorous. I think it facilitated women expressing themselves, adorning bodies with more freedom than before.  Instead of emulating the fastidiousness in dress dictated by the previous generation, the new clothes lines were less constrictive.  Hair and makeup and clothes became a playful mix of overlapping styles.

I remember my mother wearing Greta Garbo wide pants and 40’s inspired triangle tops with 70’s glam platforms in Italy, from the Versace boutique and other local designers.

Her hair became shorter, lighter and her makeup more natural.

She always looked like a movie star and even today, looks smashing in anything.

Finding these pictures recently, I realized how liberating the 70’s were for my mother’s generation and how she bloomed into it. The idea that a woman  could have more control over your own lifestyle was new. That you could  make your own choices without necessarily asking your father, brother or husband first –  that possibility was just opening up for women at that time.

Once I put the pictures in chronological order it was easy to see the unfolding of her changing style through the general fashion/culture attitude. The arch of the eyebrow remains but the movement of the hair, the unconstrained clothing – challenge the past.  She was always a lover of style  but it went so much deeper than just buying a ‘new look’.  She embraced a forward thinking culture, that women could create their own world and my American step father was key in that he urged her to finish university and explore.

In our Italian era, she worked with a well known Tuscan consortium to bring Italian fashion to the rest of Europe and paved the way to sell Italian goods in America. She spoke 5 languages, traveled for business to Africa, the Eastern Bloc countries, America and Mexico. She exemplified the ‘liberated’ woman: smart, graceful, courageous. She made it  look easy. Except for the fashion part, I know it was not.