Art mirrors social movements. Three current shows feature black artists whose roots documenting racial politics in the 80’s are ironically relevant in today’s post-Brexit climate.

 Black artists constantly fight against invisibility. In putting historically marginalized figures at the center of her work, Lubaina Himid asserts and celebrates the black contribution to British cultural life.


“British art itself has tended to keep black artists – both British-born as well as immigrant – at arm’s length.” The current crop of exhibitions is in marked contrast to 30 years ago, when Himid and Chambers fought against collective invisibility with DIY initiative.


A new performance piece by Sonia Boyce, a contemporary of Himid, has just opened at the ICA in London,

and both artists are included in Nottingham Contemporary’s latest exhibition, “The Place Is Here”, which examines the broader British Black Arts Movement.

Lubaina Himid’s moment