Amazing history found on this website . Stephanie Comfort is a collector of postcards and has one of the largest collections in the world, specifically relating to Jewish heritage. I am completely fascinated and will post a few pictures below of Balkan Jewish life.

Bosnian Jewess

I used this picture in one of my culture installations at the Governor’s Residence last year. The Jewish community prospered in Bosnia, living side by side with their Bosnian Muslim neighbors, as one of the largest European centers for Sephardi Jewry outside of Spain. Until 1944 there were roughly 20 thousand Jewish people living in Bosnia, mainly in cities.

There are some other pictures of Jews in the South Slavic areas like this picture from Macedonia

Jewish men in Macedonia

and this portrait

Macedonian Man

Fascinating reading too, while looking for pictures I read for hours. One interview was with Ivan Ceresnjes chairman of the Jewish Community during the last war and Jakob Finci present day Community representative and Ambassador to Switzerland.
La Benevolencija
International Forum Bosnia/Sarajevo
Stephanie Comfort