Traveling with Anima

London was cold but fabulous. We came unprepared for the rain and wind, although I think that it’s advertised enough around the world, just goes to show you how insulated we really are over there in the Wild West…

The bed and breakfast we ordered was close to the train station and we just dropped our luggage and headed straight out with our sandals and short coats into the cold and rain and wind. Ha!

No London Fog for Ani

Buckingham from the Double Decker

There really are so many things that are offered as tours like Madame Tousaud’s Wax Museum and some horror show related to the famous Tower of London, but we were a bit put off by the Hollywoodian vibe of it all and decided that the most fun thing we could do that would also be different than other things we had seen on other trips was visit The London Eye.

the momentary sunny London Eye

We figured out The Tube system pretty quickly with some assistance from a  tour guide in the subway who told us the what route to take and how to put the money in the automatic ticket dispenser. How old is the Girl she asked me and I said ‘eleven’. Kids under eleven ride the Tube for free she said, ‘ OK, so how old is your daughter?’. ‘Ten’, I answered sheepishly…and off we went to Westminster Abby station.

Ani and the Rainbow

Once we got there, bought the ticket and stood in the rain in the que to get up there though, they stopped us and turned us all around saying there would be no more rides that day due to technical difficulties. We could either get our money back or get new tickets for tomorrow. We decided to come back in the morning and headed out for some dinner instead.

Teeth chattering and tummy hungry we walked around Westminster Abby and along the river
to find a place eat and warm ourselves.