Writer, human and animal lover Simona Kossak.

Fascinating, fabulous, mythical. I love her. #Muse #Women #Heroine #artist

She was well connected on every side of her family, all artists and important people. If you look up the name Kossak it’s a page long list of famous 19th century Polish names. 

She herself wrote a book on a famous forest in Poland,  “The Bialowieza Forest Saga”. 

“The author, Simona Kossak, studied biology but she has chosen forestry as her profession. She was born in Cracow but she has chosen Bialowieza as her place of residence. She comes from the famous artistic family. The book has been written to pay the author’s debt for her thirty years of happy life in the old forester’s lodge called Dziedzinka in the green paradise of the Bialowieza Forest. “The Bialowieza Forest Saga” is a fascinating, richly illustrated tale of the primeval forest from the glacial period till the present times. Despite the threat of total destruction it faced more than once in the past millennium, the Bialowieza Forest survived almost miraculously till our times …”