Back in town and trying to gauge what has changed since I left four months ago.



 It’s almost as if I  astrotraveled through the night and remained in my Denver bed the whole time, arriving energized and …

Be Where Ur At

happy to be here.

I left what had become almost unbearable and leaving brought me full circle… here.  On my return I am in a subtle but synchronistic mode. When I left, I was swimming against the current, like Fishies sometimes do and I knew from experience that traveling would balance things out. Indeed it made embracing the flow easier.

For those of us who classify ourselves nomads, Third Culture or Global Nicher’s, traveling is not only an acquired taste. It is what has defined us likely since birth or childhood. Moving ‘elsewhere’ is our refuge when we need to sort things out. Everyone has their own bag of tricks, moving is part of our magic. My friends @DisplacedNation explain it well in their ‘Constitution’.

Going back to Italy this time was good and bad, frustrating, serendipitous, frivolous, scary, disillusioning, grounding, eye opening and life confirming  – not to mention fun freeking fantastic. Bureaucratic misunderstandings made staying impossible for now, but what a wow experience on so many creative levels – human and spirit!

 I re learned once again picking up, leaving everything and diving head long into an adventure in a new country that ‘tutto il mondo e paese’, like the Italians are fond of saying. In some very trite and familiar sense it is what philosophers, writers and zen teachers everywhere shout out from their book covers. You don’t really need to move to find out what it is that you already know, but it is a lot of fun.

I feel this with a longing and a recognition that is deep, deep in my traveling soul -like the taste of a childhood memory of luscious fruit. For now, the memory is strong and the longing not yet critical, which is the best place to be to experience the moment.