Inspiring evening at Sabin Ael’s Hinterland space on Walnut in the RiNO Art District.

The effervescent & talented Jeanne Connolly,  in the most adorable handmade bloomers ever, guided loads of vintage fabric lovers and admirers of retro furniture renewal through the spacious front room of the gallery throughout the evening. Great pieces at great prices – I’m not even sure how I got out of there without buying every single lamp! This girl can sew and tac and plissee and design and create something fantastic! Each piece is perfect, not one out of place color, thread or border. As a person who loves well crafted, high quality pieces I really enjoyed myself.

Vintage Renewal Lamps

Later in the evening Norm Broomhall made some lovely melodic sounds come out of his guitar and soul, both which I’m sure have a secret name. It was my first time hearing Mr. Broomhall (I know, aaak!) and like the rest of the evening it was really a pleasure.

Norm Broomhall

In the background of all that happy flowering, the steady flow of subtle, intricate, soul and eye pleasing pieces looking down from the high walls …………..

pieces by Cein Watson.

I really need to get out more.