Turkish Coffee Whisperer. Storyteller.

Seer – Identifying core issues quickly through Old World ritual. Turkish Coffee Cup Reading results in therapeutic healing/understanding through interpretation of universal/archetypal symbols. One on one, special events, expert & go to resource for global style. Art and culture-themed events with, music, props. Relevant and engaging cultural story-telling.

Available as pre-order for special events: Silvana’s Turkish Coffee and/or small batch specialty cuisine, Ice Cream and desserts. Thoughtfully hand crafted by women owned Colorado based businesses.

Writer – Original content stories for traditional newspapers; interviews, restaurant reviews, events, products. Copy editing, revisions. Published in international online forums such as expat+Harem, GlobalNiche.com & Archetype in Action, focusing on cultural heritage, identity, diversity, culinary traditions.

Visual storyteller – Creative content writer for social publishing platform Storia.me, a multidimensional blogging framework with a social network, creating original content for app in Beta phase. A curated combination of text, images, video, gifs, links, and tags layered into collaborative stories served to demo what media and content sources could create within the apps’ visual story framework.

Polyglot and Interpreter – Speak 4 languages fluently

Influenced by my living and educational experiences in Italy, the Balkans and Asia, I draw inspiration from the fascinating people and landscapes that have comprised my journey. I am a creative, first and foremost and bring an artistic sensibility into all of my work.

Inspired by familiar cultures steeped in art, history and folklore, I opened a gallery in 2016, in the thriving Tennyson district of Denver. This space, now moved online at silvanamondo, carried an impressive selection of Asian decorative pieces, textiles and international art, and featured ICON, an in store pop-up where The Art of Turkish Coffee Cup Reading as experience, was performed daily. Ritual is now performed at 29Degrees and other venues throughout Denver, and via Skype/Facetime around the Globe.

Artist – Current project – Public art campaign in development, focusing on women’s health and well being in relation to surviving breast cancer.