At Pirate art gallery yesterday to see Brian Comber‘s new work on exhibit. Mythological animals, gold orbs, wings and black lines. Also – this

 Lovely as ever.

Ongoing talks between he and M. duPays have resulted in these very precious, rooted and sunny poetry/drawing/painting collaborations.

These touched me deeply my memory sparked by the Dandelions which my dear Grandfather adored. Dandelion salad with white vinegar, oil  and salt in a big bowl. He loved to eat them. This bright and beautiful picture made me very happy.

Another collaboration B Comber P duPays . More roots & vegetables – the heart of many revolutions. @Pirate art gallery on W 36th & Navajo.

Right down the street btw is Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, which features the most beautiful Mother/Madonna as the central figure of the Main altar. Also not something you see everyday.