At the San Lorenzo Flea Market today with Ani. Just a quick walk through because it was so hot I started feeling a bit wilted, had to head back to the hotel. Not of course without first getting a bite to eat at the inside market,


where the meat, fish and vegetable vendors are. It’s Ferragosto, so there were slim pickings as far as open stalls but there was still plenty of produce for sale for tourists and housewives alike. Meats (Mortadella, Prosciutto di Parma, Finocchiona Salami)

are always a source of hunger inspiring recipes. I noticed some of the vegetables stalls were really popular with the Chinese restaurant guys (well, I assume Chinese restaurants but maybe they ran Italian restaurants – I really don’t know) picking out eggplant

and fish

Ani had a big breakfast at the hotel but I was starved and our Florentine friends suggested we had to try the Porchetta sandwich and the Lampredotto, which is a type of trippa with special sauce.

At the Leather Market, Ani had fun buying trinkets for her friends with the lily symbol of Florence and for herself, a lovely leather purse. It’s her first (and it cost a whole lot of euro)…and very beautiful, hand crafted leather in  luscious cow eye brown with a long strap and gorgeous stitching.

Lunch @San Lorenzo